Product Maintenance Guide

You should first wash and iron the new clothes you bought for your baby in accordance with the washing instructions. Since your baby's skin and immune system are sensitive, clothes that touch their skin should be carefully selected and washed.

Baby skin is very sensitive due to the low fat layer and not being exposed to external factors yet. The keratin layer, which provides protection against external factors, is not fully developed.

For this reason, cleaning materials with strong chemical contents or the detergents you use for your own clothes can damage the baby's skin. We recommend that you wash your baby's clothes separately from your own clothes with detergents or soap powders specially produced for baby clothes, rinse them very well and allow them to dry directly after the rinse.

Unless otherwise stated on the label of the product, you can turn your baby's white clothes inside out at 40 degrees and colored ones at 30 degrees and wash them inside out. 

Do I need to wash my baby's clothes at high heat to disinfect them?

We strongly do not recommend this, as clothes washed above 40 degrees may be subject to deformation.

After washing and drying your baby's clothes with a suitable detergent, you can iron them to disinfect them. The iron will destroy harmful microorganisms due to the heat it provides.